Whole 30: Day 1 Recap


I’m doing a Whole 30 for a couple of reasons: 1) I want to feel great from the inside out, 2) Putting some stricter guidelines around my food choices keeps me from getting distracted by things that might otherwise tempt me, and 3) Sometimes it takes a while to reap the benefits of a change and having a timeline provides the structure and encouragement I need when I begin to feel impatient.

I plan to share what I eat each day to help me accurately judge what my body needs and to, hopefully, provide a little inspiration or planning assistance if you’re trying to figure out your day as well. If you have questions about anything, please leave me a comment.

Everyone is different, so I hope you don’t judge me too harshly by what I eat. And maybe you’ll see something that resonates with you and, in that case, excellent! If not, I’ll be posting different recipes on the blog too, so don’t despair!

Here’s to the journey!


4:45 Black coffee

6:30 Italian scramble (recipe coming soon!), 1/4 avocado, apple slice

11:00 Tuna-Sweet Potato mix, pear

3:00 Celery, cucumber, dip & small handful of raw nut trail mix

8:00 Paleo Cottage Pie, salad

This has been a crazy day! The third Monday is always busy for me with some standing appointments, but today had a few extra items too. I had to resort to one of my fuel-in-a-hurry snacks and was very grateful for dinner already being made. That just needed heating up and a side salad. This is not a typical day, though, and I’m looking for a calmer rhythm soon.

Hunger One of my favorite things about paleo eating? No blood sugar crashes. I’ve been eating mostly paleo for a while so my body does a pretty good job waiting for the next meal and not screaming for a carb/sugar hit every two hours. It’s especially great because I don’t go into panic mode if I don’t have something to eat. I was hungrier than I’d like to be because my food was light mid-day, but I’m feeling pretty good.

Mood Great! I love Day 1 because I always feel charged up, committed, and ready to succeed. Change can be scary, but once I’ve decided, it just feels good.

Sleep I’m burning the candle at both ends these days and will have to fix that. Can’t be energized without the rest I need.

Exercise Morning yoga – yes. I wasn’t able to get a full workout in today but tomorrow should be better.


6 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day 1 Recap

  1. Just started following your blog and I’m loving that you are documenting your Whole30 experience each day. Keep it up! I’m committing to my first Whole30 after the holidays so this is inspiring and will give me some ideas.

  2. I just finished my first Whole 30 (not knowing it was called that)…actually, I based mine on the 21 day Primal transformation initially and ended up continuing on because I love the increased, yet stabilized, energy (no more high-low swings and not “tired all the time”), significantly less abdominal bloat and the overall feeling of being more clear and more my younger, energetic self.

    The first few days were interesting, encompassing a full range of emotion…excitement about the prospect of feeling better, frustration about what I couldn’t have and mixed feelings about cooking. Some days very excited about cooking more naturally (rather than pre-made, boxed or restaurant meals laden with sugar, grains, etc.), others I seriously doubted my culinary ability. The initial trip to the Organic market was somewhat overwhelming, not to mention, expensive. However, I quickly learned that eating more naturally prepared meats, veggies was very filling and I didn’t need to make as much food to be sustained longer and my energy soared. My family noticed the weight loss, reduced stomach bloat and the increased activity level in the first week.

    My biggest regret is I didn’t exercise enough or consistently (this is a BAD habit from working in the corporate world, deferring exercise in favor of email…still working on this battle…however now I enjoy leaving the phone on the desk and going for a walk to decompress from all the mind numbing chatter). I didn’t really read up enough before I started the program or perhaps I would have done more food prep like you’re outlining in your blog (I’m the opposite of you, I don’t generally like structure, I’m more spontaneous generally, so with Paleo/Primal, I’ve learning I really have to have an idea of what I’m making for the week or at least for a few days to assure I don’t waste the delicious foods). Thus I mainly learned along the way in my first 30 days and it has been worth it. I’ve learned so much about my relationship with food and what my body needs to thrive. I feel so much better. I lost 8 pounds and 3% body fat. It wasn’t a fast drop but it’s been a sustaining, healthy drop. The sugar withdrawal cravings lasted me the whole first week. Now, it only hits me about once or twice a week, standing there with my hubby’s Hostess cupcake in hand, then putting it back in favor of a few almonds or sunflower seeds. 🙂 WORTH IT!

    Best wishes in the home stretch of your Whole 30!!!


    • Thank you so much for sharing your story! I could practically feel your transformation as I was reading it and very much identify with making the choice to eat nuts over sugar-laden, packaged goods. Thank you for the well wishes as I continue on this journey and I hope you are able to continue adding activity to yours. It’s an energy boost too!

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