Whole 30: Day 17 Recap

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I’m doing a Whole 30 for a couple of reasons: 1) I want to feel great from the inside out, 2) Putting some stricter guidelines around my food choices keeps me from getting distracted by things that might otherwise tempt me, and 3) Sometimes it takes a while to reap the benefits of a change and having a timeline provides the structure and encouragement I need when I begin to feel impatient.

I plan to share what I eat each day to help me accurately judge what my body needs and to, hopefully, provide a little inspiration or planning assistance if you’re trying to figure out your day as well. If you have questions about anything, please leave me a comment.

Everyone is different, so I hope you don’t judge me too harshly by what I eat. And maybe you’ll see something that resonates with you and, in that case, excellent! If not, I’ll be posting different recipes on the blog too, so don’t despair!

Here’s to the journey!


5:30 Black coffee

6:30 2 eggs on collard greens and mushrooms with 1/4 avocado

11:00 Pre-workout tuna

1:00 3 oz. Pork tenderloin, 2 slices of bacon, this Cumin-Scented Zucchini Soup, this Celery Salad with Grapes and Walnuts, 1/4 c. sweet potato, 1 tsp. coconut butter

8:00 Colcannon-Shepard’s Pie and Salad

Food Bigger lunch today to see if that helps even things out. I think that may be the key for me because when I get hungry, there are more opportunities for cravings or snacking.

Mood I received some frustrating news but feel really grateful that my eating doesn’t seem affected. I could have delved into an emotional eating episode, but instead feel quite steady.

Sleep 6 hours. It’s getting worse! I sleep deeply when I sleep, feel rested and energetic throughout the day, but I’d really like 7.5 hours. I know that’s what my body prefers. Even 8. Hanging in there.

Exercise Pull workout with a few sprints at the end.


2 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day 17 Recap

  1. Awesome job navigating the emotional situation. I struggle with those and eating too especially when I feel “woe is me”. You reminded me that I need to get mushrooms, they are perfect with eggs.

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