Whole 30: Day 20 Recap

doing whole 30 image12

I’m doing a Whole 30 for a couple of reasons: 1) I want to feel great from the inside out, 2) Putting some stricter guidelines around my food choices keeps me from getting distracted by things that might otherwise tempt me, and 3) Sometimes it takes a while to reap the benefits of a change and having a timeline provides the structure and encouragement I need when I begin to feel impatient.

I plan to share what I eat each day to help me accurately judge what my body needs and to, hopefully, provide a little inspiration or planning assistance if you’re trying to figure out your day as well. If you have questions about anything, please leave me a comment.

Everyone is different, so I hope you don’t judge me too harshly by what I eat. And maybe you’ll see something that resonates with you and, in that case, excellent! If not, I’ll be posting different recipes on the blog too, so don’t despair!

Here’s to the journey!


5:00 Black coffee

7:30 My Italian Scramble – because it got recognized here! (Last time for a bit. No tomatoes or rosemary left.)

10:30 post-workout/early lunch Chicken Nanking

1:00 Sliced veggies, hard-boiled egg, banana

6:00 Grilled chicken salad and Leek and Cauli-Squash Soup, Hot tea

8:00 Apple

Food What a much better day! I had a training from 11-2 so I ate lunch first, brought a snack, and felt pretty good. At home, Ron and I started working on a project and suddenly, there was no longer enough time for me to make the dinner I had planned. They went the cereal-for-dinner route, but I quickly changed gears. I had already defrosted extra chicken to grill for the week and quickly got that done. I chopped some up, threw it on a salad, checked the freezer and defrosted some soup – when I was done, I felt incredibly NOURISHED. I felt so good from the inside out – topped it off with a cup of tea and patted myself on the back!

Mood Great!

Sleep 7 hours. I guess it’s my number for a while.

Exercise High intensity 30 minute workout at the gym. Sweat was flying!


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