Whole 30: Day 28 Recap

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I’m doing a Whole 30 for a couple of reasons: 1) I want to feel great from the inside out, 2) Putting some stricter guidelines around my food choices keeps me from getting distracted by things that might otherwise tempt me, and 3) Sometimes it takes a while to reap the benefits of a change and having a timeline provides the structure and encouragement I need when I begin to feel impatient.

I plan to share what I eat each day to help me accurately judge what my body needs and to, hopefully, provide a little inspiration or planning assistance if you’re trying to figure out your day as well. If you have questions about anything, please leave me a comment.

Everyone is different, so I hope you don’t judge me too harshly by what I eat. And maybe you’ll see something that resonates with you and, in that case, excellent! If not, I’ll be posting different recipes on the blog too, so don’t despair!

Here’s to the journey!


6:30 Black coffee

8:30 1 egg, 2 oz. ham, green bean/spaghetti squash sauté, 1/2 of a pear

12:00 Lettuce wrapped sausage patties (3 oz.), 1/3 c. leftover Cincinnati chili with onions and 1/4 avocado, carrots with 2 T. cauliflower hummus

2:00 1 date, 3 walnut halves

6:00 Italian pork chops, Jeweled Brussels Sprouts

8:30 Tea

Food Oh my gosh! Now that my Whole 30 is drawing to a close and I see the boundaries coming off, the cravings are WILD. It’s ridiculous. I am battling a desire for sugar that is pretty crazy today. It could simply be that I’m hungry. I have had two very active days and, although I feel as if I have fueled them well, I might be a little low on carbs so my body is asking for them. It might also be related to what often happens when we eliminate something – it becomes more desirable. This is a risk, but I think I can work through the challenge. My mind, memory, old habits, and the holidays are all going to come together at the same time. I need to keep focused on how great I have felt EVERY SINGLE DAY of this project and remember that my body truly wants healthy food to fuel it and delicious things to please my palate (not junk!). I have that with paleo so my brain needs to back off. (Funny thing: Just minutes after typing this, the cravings went away for the rest of the day. Crazy, amazing mind.)

Mood Good mood. Very steady generally. Getting a little panicky about the end of my Whole 30.

Sleep Nearly 8 hours!! I was actually so tired that I fell asleep around 7:30. Then I woke back up and hung out for a little bit. The night would have been totally uninterrupted and fantastic except my little guy got sick in the night. Luckily I was able to get back to sleep afterwards.

Exercise Chest and arms at the gym. I feel it! Yoga in the afternoon. Love.


2 thoughts on “Whole 30: Day 28 Recap

  1. Thank you so very much for your honesty. There is something to the thought that your whole 30 is ending and now you are thinking about what you want when done. Just remember how those foods effect you. I try to look at is as an allergy. When people are allergic to something they don’t eat it. I would say bloating, abdo discomfort, headaches tiredness are all symptoms from food. I would say its a reaction. It might not be severe but it is. This is something I continue to struggle with. The other thing is if you are craving sweets try banana ice cream. Frozen banana, coconut milk, unsweetened cocoa, nuts. Its so good and satisfies the need for some thing sweet. Again thank you for your blog.

    • Thank you so much for following my blog! It makes my day! And I will definitely be trying banana ice cream in the future.

      I really appreciate this idea of having an allergy. I will keep that in my mind as I start to test and reintroduce different foods. If I have a reaction, I will try to heed my body’s warning. Thanks for sharing that!

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