2014 New Year, New Whole 30 – Day 1

doing whole 30 image12For the next 30+ days, I will be eating meat, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits and nuts. I will not be eating processed food, sugar, dairy, grains or legumes, and I won’t be consuming any alcohol.

This is not my first Whole30, but this time I want to focus on a couple of specific elements: 1) fewer nuts as snacks and 2) fewer snacks in general. I would like to find the right mix of meals and pre-/post-workout fuel to keep me steady throughout the day.

If you’re doing a Whole30 or other challenge, if you are living/exploring the Paleo lifestyle, or if you are simply looking for some tasty recipes to add to your repertoire, be sure to leave a comment to let me know you’re out there! I am so glad you stopped by!


This week’s focus: Drink lots of water or tea.

5:30 Black coffee

10:00 Mushrooms and collard greens, 2 eggs, 1/4 avocado

1:30 Chicken cutlet, salad, broccoli, 2 meatballs, black coffee

6:30 Flank steak, Korean carrot salad, “Creamed” spinach, orange

Food I really don’t recommend waiting so long to eat in the morning. My kiddo has been sick, we took down the Christmas decorations, then I got involved in my blog. The morning was totally atypical. Other than that – it feels so good to eat right!

Mood Excited! Of course.

Sleep 6 hours. I nearly stayed up until midnight because I decided to end my year early ;), but I didn’t quite make it. I’m tired today but everything will fall into place soon.

Activity 2 mile run with the dog – yay! I haven’t gone for a run in a while and I’m still recovering from being sick, but it felt great. Beautiful out today! Yoga.

Focus I have noticed that when I’m not eating right, I don’t hydrate as well. I still drink a lot relative to most guidelines, but I notice a difference. Today was all about water and it felt great!


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