Primal Life Kit Bundle – OH MY!!!

Dear Readers,

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about what’s happening in the late hours of Sunday night. There is an amazing bundle of Paleo and Primal products that has been put together which will be on sale (like crazy sale) for 1 WEEK ONLY! In this bundle you’ll find the Chowstalker Community Cookbook which has a recipe by ME (among other talented food bloggers, including several really well-known ones)!! I really, really want you to check out the whole bundle, but you’ll have to wait until Sunday night/Monday morning. I promise it’ll be worth it!

For the past several years, a few of my friends have repeatedly said that I should do something with my passion for cooking, that I should start a blog, that I should write a cookbook. Last fall, I decided to give it a go and you have all been so amazingly supportive that I am certain this is a path for me to follow. Recently I was asked by the wonderful people behind the Chowstalker website if I would contribute a recipe to the e-cookbook they were putting together. Needless to say, I was thrilled! It turns out that this cookbook is now being offered as part of the Primal Life Kit Bundle that brings together some of the keenest minds and leaders in the Paleo/Primal community, not to mention some of the most celebrated cookbook authors and bloggers. And the whole bundle can be had for a steal!

In this bundle, you will find many, many fantastic cookbooks as well as Paleo Magazine for 6 months, a 21-day Paleo Cleanse from Paleo Plan (which I’m dying to try), a ton of discount coupons, and more! This is seriously something that you don’t want to miss. Okay – just one more thing…Well Fed 2 by my idol, Melissa Joulwan, is in the bundle. Do I really need to say more?

So the Bundle Sale will be launching this Sunday night but, don’t worry, I’ll remind you again. I might even share a little something from inside the bundle.

Want to see a picture of my recipe?

Spring Risotto with Ham and AsparagusSpring Risotto with Ham and Asparagus. It’s on page 57.

Thank you all so much for supporting the efforts of one mom to live healthier, cook with passion, and share with you.


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