Where Did I Go?

beyoutifulThis is not an easy blog post to write. I’ve been holding off for quite some time, months in fact, because I didn’t know how to handle what it was I wanted to say. I wasn’t even entirely sure that I knew what I wanted to say. Because of that, I needed to let it all sit for a while.

Some time ago, I started wondering what I really had to offer all of you. There are so many Paleo blogs out there with better photography, inventive recipes, and more relevant and informative things to say. I started to get insecure and feel really uncertain about continuing on.

One of the things that got in the way was time. I am not always inspired to slow down my cooking in order to do measurements, repeat and refine the recipe, and find the perfect setting and lighting to make it look appetizing. Instead I’m a mom and wife and trainer who is trying to hold it all together and look like I know what I’m doing. Most days go pretty well and I am very excited about the direction I think my life is headed, but sometimes I’m just breathing.

Another thing that got in the way was intent. Since I started this blog on the basis of Paleo cooking and eating, I got a little stuck in that idea and thought that if I wasn’t posting recipes, I shouldn’t be posting at all. You want recipes, right? But then I realized that maybe I have something else to offer – and occasionally a recipe to support that.

That led me to the most fundamental reason my blogging stopped. Vulnerability. To write about things that are more personal is tough. And what if it doesn’t resonate with anyone? What if it doesn’t always make sense? What if I don’t have the answer? What if I can only talk about the process, the journey, without some big revelation for you? Where is the value?

Here’s where I am with all of this right now: I’m just going to move forward AS IF you love me just as I am. I’m going to work very hard to believe that and I’m going to write from the heart. If what I say doesn’t resonate with you, then please feel free to check out the many fantastic blogs out there. But if sometimes I say something that helps you along your journey, fuels you as you strive to reach your goals, or inspires you in any way, then please stay around awhile and maybe even drop me a comment. It lets me know you’re out there and helps me know what you might need to hear.

Some of the things I imagine talking about: Food – in all it’s amazingness as well as some of the struggles it brings, Paleo, Keto, Weight loss, Motivation, Exercise, Challenges, Successes, and most importantly, learning how to love ourselves just as we are so that our very own beautiful lives can evolve and grow so that we may Shine Bright! (My mantra for 2017.)


9 thoughts on “Where Did I Go?

  1. Tough subject: self assessment, reflection on direction. Lessons learned, accomplished and not so accomplished. Sometimes it’s just best to just put it out there and see what happens. Moving up and moving forward.

  2. Ok, 11. I just counted 11 major points of inspiration in this post that made me feel brighter and more optimistic. THANK YOU!! I’ll just list Point 1 here: Listen and act on intuition! I MISSED Balancing Paleo (LOVED all of the diversity of posts… recipes for life, not just food!) and felt the nudge to ask about it but didn’t. Next time will. So glad it’s back! 😀 Tomek is thrilled and a big fan too, and adds in his characteristically caring way “but no pressure if you ever want a break.” We will love anything that is offered and are so grateful to feel connection and learn together through this blog!

  3. It is YOUR blog and you are suppose to put in it what ever your little heart desires. Those of us that resonate with it appreciate your effort very much! You are in the right spot at the right time -doing the right thing. Keep up the good work and be happy. You are appreciated for what you share and learn. Hugs from Va.

  4. I’m sure this won’t be nearly as eloquent as it is in my head, but regardless of what you write, how beautiful your thoughts, how delicious your recipes, how amazing your photos, or how honest your musings, I love you simply because you are you! You are wonderful, amazing, and genuine not because of what you create or post but because that is what is in your heart! Nonetheless, I’ll be looking forward to your wonderful posts! We have several “Ms Michelle” recipes that we use and love in our home!

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