Whole30 Keto-style Update #1


It’s been four days since I started my Whole30 reset and it’s going pretty well. I’ve had a few things that I’ve needed to adjust to and I’ve been learning to look at certain foods a little differently. I’m glad I decided to go keto for a while because the shift in perspective has reengaged me in the process of healthy eating. I really needed that mental space to disconnect me from some bad habits and get me excited about learning even more about food.

So here’s a little recap on the week so far.

Food: Keto focuses mostly on fats, then protein, and really reducing carbs. It’s interesting because fats are incredibly satiating and this should be easy. But I am struggling a little bit to really consume as many fats as is recommended. For so many years, I have looked at vegetables first, then protein, then some fat. Fat first feels strange. On top of that, I am staying away from dairy for at least the first week or 10 days. Generally, people following a ketogenic diet consume lots of cheese and other dairy, which helps hit the fat grams. Don’t get me wrong, I love dairy products, especially cheese. A lot. but after limiting dairy to great cheese on social occasions for so many years, I am not sure about introducing it again. I don’t generally have severe reactions to it, and the health benefits in yogurt and other grass fed products is appealing to me, so I think I will probably reintroduce it, but I want to be without it for a bit to see if it works for me. Other than that, it’s going pretty well.

Energy: I overindulged for the past couple months and that always makes a reset rougher. I’ve had mid-day exhaustion all week. I am really looking forward to that going away. I should have great energy pretty soon but right now, it’s not there. What’s happening is that my body got accustomed to burning carbs for fuel because they’re easy, but I’m not giving it any carbs anymore. I’m eating adequate protein to maintain my muscle so my body can now turn to fat as fuel. However, it’s a process and it takes a little time. I really noticed it today during my workout. I had zero energy and I was teaching a HIIT class (high intensity interval training) which is designed to be really challenging, but things that are normally tough-but-fun for me were laying me out flat. It could be that I was just tired from my activity yesterday, which is totally possible, but I believe it’s because my body and brain were looking hard for some carbs that just weren’t coming. The same thing happens to me when on a Whole30 so I know that the switch will happen and then it’ll be energy through the roof. It can’t come soon enough!

The Plan: I have been busy lately and operating without much of a plan. That was fine for the first week because I actually had some leftovers and easy ingredients to make meals. This coming week, though, there needs to be a plan. It’s time to make a list of meals and get the ingredients and get excited about the next week. Because I have every intention of it being a good one!

I’d love to hear how your week is going. Are you feeling great? Is it a struggle? Wherever you are, leave a note in the comments. Thanks!





7 thoughts on “Whole30 Keto-style Update #1

  1. Awesome to hear how it’s going! I love the idea of the keto plan, then slowly expanding to a more traditional paleo spread when ready. Low carb/high fat always worked for me and I’d do it now but yeah– that energy lag wasn’t a fit for this week, and I’m not sure about switching to fat burning pre-pregnancy? Trying to do a paleo-esque routine over here. Caved today and used food as a reward for hard work–a pesky habit I’m trying to overcome. I did plan some non-food rewards (yay!) but in the end it was just too stressful a day. Progress bit by bit, I guess 🙂 And the sandwich and brownie helped me power through, so maybe that’s my own way of “balancing paleo” 🙂

    Thanks for this inspiration and leadership! Can’t wait to read what meals you’ve planned!

    • Thanks for popping in! I’m not sure about pre-pregnancy. My gut is that it is probably fine because I do believe our bodies are happier eating these foods. A little grace for your brownie and lots of love!

  2. I’m in the same place, but I have switched to keto with little issues. I had a headache for 2 days but that has subsided. I am doing it without dairy as well. Which is a struggle to reach my fat goals but I try not to stress about it. Thank you so much sorry being so inspiring.

    • Thank you, Becca! I’m glad the headache has gone away. I’ve added macadamia nuts, but I’m trying not to overdo nuts either so it’s a bit of a balancing act. I’m sure we’ll figure it out – and the last thing we need is stress over delicious food!

  3. Working through the whole 30 is tough coming off the overindulgence I had in December- I really miss my afternoon dark chocolate covered nuts. I feel a bit cranky too- but I am sleeping like a dream and feel like when my sugar dragon calls, I have a plan- do laundry, text a friend, clean a bathroom, pay bills 💵. Thank you for sharing your journey, Michelle!

  4. So glad to have found this blog! Someone else who is trying to do keto and Whole30. I have done multiple rounds of Whole30 and dairy and gluten are definite issues for me. Want to do keto now, (in addition to Whole30) but really want to stay away from dairy and gluten. Would love to hear more about how you are managing. Are you closely counting macros?

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