Whole45@45 – Day 14


Want to know how to make eating right easier each week? Have a meal prep day. I find that weekends are the easiest, but it can be any day. I think sometimes people get overwhelmed thinking that you have to do a lot of prep to help your week run more smoothly, but sometimes it just takes a few things to make the whole week easier. Then you can add to your prep each time you cook turning it into a meal prep week.

Today ended up being a big cooking day because I didn’t have a lot of other things to do. I made a soup, these (BalancingPaleo) carrots, some shrimp that I’ll post next week, meatballs for dinner tonight but there are plenty for the week, and I roasted a spaghetti squash (again for tonight) and some broccoli. The fridge is jam-packed full of food that is ready to be turned into a lunch, dinner, or snack.

Here’s the trick, though. Tomorrow when I make dinner, I also plan on throwing together a chicken curry to go in the crock pot so that on Tuesday, I’m not cooking. Then if I need to have more things prepared, I have a few minutes in the evening to cook – even though it won’t be for that day’s dinner. And it rolls through like that.

Or it might be a day of the very basics, like hard boiled eggs, cleaned greens, sweet potatoes, grilled chicken thighs. It can really vary. The key is to have some veggies, some protein, and some greens all ready to go so that you can make something in a hurry. But I also like to add one more substantial dish like a soup or stew or something that likes to be prepared ahead of time and just needs heating up.

I’m curious to hear how any of you prep for the week. Are you more spontaneous? Is it always the same? Do you even do it? If not, why not?

Here’s to a healthful week and a few pockets of time to just relax!

Shine bright. x.

What did I eat today?

Breakfast – 2 eggs, zucchini, 1/4 avocado, sauerkraut

Lunch – 1/2 meatball, 2 shrimp, leftover pork tenderloin, zucchini soup made with a little sweet potato

Snack – Smoky Carrots / Apricot

Dinner – Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce / my Italian meatballs / Green salad / Cherries

It’s been a good day and I can hardly believe two weeks have gone by. I felt pretty full this afternoon because I did a little tasting along the way with all of the food prep, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes.

Energy and mood have both stabilized and things are ticking along. At night I’ve been having a lot of dreams that I remember, which is unusual for me. I’m not sure what that means or if it has anything to do with this Whole45 at all, but last night I woke up a couple different times. I slept in this morning, though, so I’m feeling really rested anyway.





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