Buck Books Paleo Event – Today Only!!

Don’t forget to check out this Paleo kindle sale! It’s for today only and there are some truly amazing books that you don’t want to miss!


Primal Life Kit ON SALE this week only!!

Sometimes you need to grab an opportunity when you see it. This bundle is that moment! Check it out – it’s pretty darn remarkable!

I created Balancing Paleo so that I could share my journey and my recipes with all of you and sometimes I discover things that I think can really make a difference. This bundle is remarkable for the quality of its content AND for its price. And it’s only available like this for a very short time, which is why I want to bring it to your attention. There are things in this bundle that I am excited about, that are making a difference in my life, and maybe they’ll make a difference in yours. Things like…

  • Recipes? – Check!
  • Guidance? – Check!
  • Meal plans? – Check!
  • Fitness programs? – Check!
  • Motivation? – Check!

I have actually spent the last several nights reading the success stories in here and I have been inspired. I’m so inspired, in fact, that I hope to share a few more details of my own journey with you in the future – just in case it resonates with one of you and helps you get over the hump. The people in these stories share their growth and as I read them, I realize that they are ordinary people just like me making choices every single day. It’s exciting to see where they’ve been and where they’re going and I’m grateful to have them included here.

And then there are all of the other books and offers – it honestly seems too good to be true. But I’m telling you, it isn’t. So go grab it – You won’t regret it!

Recipe Review: Deep Dish Tamale (Hint Hint: It’s in the Chowstalker Community Cookbook)

You know how I’ve been telling you about this amazing bundle of Primal and Paleo cookbooks, success stories, research papers, how-tos, discounts and more? If you don’t know about this incredible sale, the details are here.

Well…one of the cookbooks in the Primal Life Kit is the Chowstalker Community Cookbook. You’ll find my recipe (!) for Spring Risotto with Ham and Asparagus, of course, as well as over 130 Paleo/Primal recipes by other bloggers. It’s pretty awesome and there are so many that I want to try! One in particular kept drawing me back. It was a recipe for a Deep Dish Tamale by Emily Coatney, at Coconut Contentment.

Coconut Contentment's Deep Dish Tamale Pie

I have actually been craving tamales lately. I grew up in California and live in Colorado so tamales are a part of my culture. But they’re time consuming to make and they’re made with corn so they’ve fallen to the side. Then I saw this open-faced tamale that you whip together and toss in the oven and suddenly I knew what I would be making and sharing with all of you.

The crust of this is nothing short of amazing. The combination of white sweet potato and coconut flour does an impressive job of standing in for masa. It’s tender and fluffy and slightly sweet and the chicken topping is nicely spiced. We ate it with guacamole and salsa and it was terrific! I have to admit, though, my mind starting going wild with all of the possible toppings for this crust. Just like a traditional tamale, you could do beef, pork, even a sweet variation. There’s a lot of fun to be had!

So go ahead and make this recipe and then go get your bundle while it’s still on sale. Who knows which recipes or articles or books will be the ones to change your life?

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Disclaimer: In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase the Primal Life Kit. It’s an incredible bundle from some spectacular people, so I know you’ll be in good hands.

Deep Dish Tamale by Coconut Contentment


1 Tbsp. palm shortening (sub any healthy cooking fat)

2 c. shredded or chopped cooked chicken (about 3/4 lb., thighs are normally the most affordable and delicious)

2 1/2 tsp. cumin

3/4 tsp. chili powder

zest of one lime

juice of one lime

1/2 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

1/2 purple onion, chopped and sautéed

2 garlic cloves, finely diced

Tamale Dough

2 white sweet potatoes, cooked, peeled and mashed (sub any variety of sweet potato)

3 eggs

2 Tbsp. chicken broth (sub water but broth provides the most authentic flavor)

2 Tbsp. palm shortening (sub any healthy cooking fat)

1 tsp. vinegar (white or apple cider)

5 Tbsp. coconut flour

1/2 tsp. baking soda

1/2 tsp. salt




Avocado Slices



1) Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In an 8-10 in. oven-safe skillet or pie dish, place the Tbsp. of palm shortening (or other chosen fat). Put in the oven to heat the skillet to temperature.

2) Combine all of the filling ingredients in a medium sized bowl – toss well to ensure even coverage.

3) Combine all of the dough ingredients together in a large mixing bowl using a hand mixer, Kitchen Aid mixer, or by rolling up your sleeves and giving it a good stir until well-combined.

4) Once your oven has preheated carefully remove your skillet or dish. Evenly distribute the melted cooking fat in the bottom of the pan. Pour your dough into the skillet, spread out evenly with the back of a spoon or a spatula. Layer your filling on top, lightly pressing it into your dough.

5) Carefully place in oven to cook for 35-40 minutes, until the edges are nicely browned and the chicken has begun to brown. Let cool for 5-10 minutes. Serve alongside your favorite toppings.

Serves 4-6

Primal Life Kit – Amazing Product Bundle!!

Primal Life Kit: 49 Paleo and Primal Products and 14 Discounts for $39

In the spirit of full disclosure, this is an affiliate link, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase the Primal Life Kit. It’s an incredible bundle from some spectacular people, so I know you’ll be in good hands.

What’s The Primal Life Kit?

The people at PaleoPlan.com have put together a really exciting opportunity for you! When you purchase the $39 Primal Life Kit, you get over $1500 worth of the most popular and life-changing Primal and Paleo products:

  • 35 Paleo and Primal eCookbooks and Informational eBooks ($498 Value)
  • 3 research papers by Dr. Loren Cordain ($15 Value)
  • 1 Online Cooking Club subscription ($39 Value)
  • 3 Fitness Programs ($67 Value)
  • 2 Paleo Challenges ($44 Value)
  • 2 Meal Plans ($69 Value)
  • 2 Online Magazine Subscriptions ($36 Value)
  • 1 Bonus Video about Eating Paleo on the Road
  • 14 Discounts ($757+ Value)

TOTAL VALUE $1500+ for just $39!

These educational and potentially life-changing Primal and Paleo products are being sold for just $39 – more than 97% off their original retail value – this week only (April 21st through April 28th).

All the ebooks are in pdf format, so you can read them on your computer or the e-reader of your choice. This $39 kit will give you all the tools you need to eat, cook, work out, and live Primally.

21 Paleo and Primal Recipe & Meal Planning eBooks ($221 Value)


4 Autoimmune and Inflammation eBooks ($132 Value)

  • Paleo Autoimmune Protocol Quickstart Guide by Sarah Ballantyne of ThePaleoMom.com ($18 Value)


3 Paleo Research Papers by Dr. Loren Cordain ($15 Value)

6 Informational eBooks ($75 Value)

1 Online Cooking Club ($39 Value)

2 Success Stories eBooks ($31 Value)

  • Everyday Paleo Success Stories by Alison Golden of PaleoNonPaleo.com ($24.99 value)

 2 Kids and Paleo eBooks ($21 Value)

3 Fitness Programs ($67 Value)

  • Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Program 1 Month for $.01 by Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib at EPLifeFit.com ($9.98 value) – Use the provided coupon code to redeem your first month for just 1 cent. Automatically billed at the full retail price in subsequent months. Cancel at any time.


2 Paleo Challenges ($44 Value)

  • 1 Free Month of Paleo Bootcamp by Paleoaholic ($7 Value) – With over 300+ Paleo recipes, Paleo meal plans, and shopping lists, the end result is a weight loss plan and shopping guide system that’s now helped over 10,000 people drop the pounds and keep them off.
  • OPENutrition Challenge by Heather Kelly of OPENutrition.com ($37 Value) – In this 5-Week Paleo challenge, you will receive daily email support, a sample meal plan, and you’ll learn what to eat in order to improve your health, boost athletic performance, and shed fat while adding lean muscle mass.

2 Meal Plans ($69 Value)

  • Primal Blueprint Meal Plan 1 Month for $.01 by Mark Sisson of  PrimalBlueprint.com ($9.98 value) – Use the provided coupon code to redeem your first month for just 1 cent. Automatically billed at the full retail price in subsequent months. Cancel at any time. 

2 Online Magazine Subscriptions ($36 Value)

1 Bonus Video

  • Sneak Peek at Fat Loss Masterclass Video Home Study Course from Jonathan Bailor and Abel James (Free Sneak Peek Bonus) – Abel (FatBurningMan.com) and Jonathan (author of The Calorie Myth at thebailorgroup.com) dive into the do’s and don’ts of foraging your best options for eating on the go.

14 Discounts (Over $757 Value)

  • Upgraded Self (Bulletproof Coffee) – Get 10% off products at Upgrade Self, the official store for Bulletproof Products. Expires June 10th. UpgradedSelf.com
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Get all of this (retail value $1500+) for just $39. Seriously.

That’s normally the price of just one or two of these products! After you purchase the kit, you’ll be sent an email with a link to all of the downloadable products, as well as the coupon codes for all of the discounted products.

NOTE: You will not be shipped any physical goods with your purchase of the Primal Life Kit. These products are downloadable ebooks, online magazine subscriptions, and discount codes. There will be a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Please contact neely@paleoplan.com with any questions about the Primal Life Kit. 

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Primal Life Kit Bundle – OH MY!!!

Dear Readers,

I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about what’s happening in the late hours of Sunday night. There is an amazing bundle of Paleo and Primal products that has been put together which will be on sale (like crazy sale) for 1 WEEK ONLY! In this bundle you’ll find the Chowstalker Community Cookbook which has a recipe by ME (among other talented food bloggers, including several really well-known ones)!! I really, really want you to check out the whole bundle, but you’ll have to wait until Sunday night/Monday morning. I promise it’ll be worth it!

For the past several years, a few of my friends have repeatedly said that I should do something with my passion for cooking, that I should start a blog, that I should write a cookbook. Last fall, I decided to give it a go and you have all been so amazingly supportive that I am certain this is a path for me to follow. Recently I was asked by the wonderful people behind the Chowstalker website if I would contribute a recipe to the e-cookbook they were putting together. Needless to say, I was thrilled! It turns out that this cookbook is now being offered as part of the Primal Life Kit Bundle that brings together some of the keenest minds and leaders in the Paleo/Primal community, not to mention some of the most celebrated cookbook authors and bloggers. And the whole bundle can be had for a steal!

In this bundle, you will find many, many fantastic cookbooks as well as Paleo Magazine for 6 months, a 21-day Paleo Cleanse from Paleo Plan (which I’m dying to try), a ton of discount coupons, and more! This is seriously something that you don’t want to miss. Okay – just one more thing…Well Fed 2 by my idol, Melissa Joulwan, is in the bundle. Do I really need to say more?

So the Bundle Sale will be launching this Sunday night but, don’t worry, I’ll remind you again. I might even share a little something from inside the bundle.

Want to see a picture of my recipe?

Spring Risotto with Ham and AsparagusSpring Risotto with Ham and Asparagus. It’s on page 57.

Thank you all so much for supporting the efforts of one mom to live healthier, cook with passion, and share with you.