Perfectly perfect

IMG_0160I used to think there was something magical about this idea of perfection. Perfect grades, a perfect run, a perfectly clean room, the perfect meal. Just perfect. Then I was given a gift 8 years ago and he taught me that nothing’s perfect. And everything is.

I am so excited to launch my blog Balancing Paleo today! But you know what? It’s not perfect. I’m not a graphic designer, food stylist, or photographer. I’m not exactly where I want to be with my eating or weight or even my own ability to balance the happenings of life.

What I am is thrilled to be here and ready to share my cooking adventures with you. I’m grateful to have you visit my site and hopeful that something I cook or share or muse about will tickle your fancy too.

A good friend introduced me to the paleo eating philosophy and lifestyle in the summer of 2012 and I spent a few months exploring it and researching before completing my first Whole30 (more on this later) last November. In fact, I was 12 days in this time last year. Since then, I have been philosophically and fundamentally paleo, but let’s just say it hasn’t been “perfect.”

Within the pages of this blog, I will share recipes that are “paleo”: combinations of meat, veggies, fat, fruits, nuts, seeds. I generally avoid grains, legumes, processed foods, sugar, and dairy – although I’ve been known to dabble in dairy a bit because my system seems to handle it pretty well. My goal here is to show you just how delicious and satisfying paleo eating can be. It’s not about the foods I don’t eat, but about the health promoting, real foods I love to eat every day!

I hope you come along for the ride and that you enjoy this blog as much as I do. Perhaps you might even realize (or already know!) what I am starting to learn – that none of us is perfect and each of us is…just as we are. That is something to celebrate…And I plan to do that around the table.


17 thoughts on “Perfectly perfect

  1. I love that you are doing this. Thank you so much for all you have done. And helping me realize I can just eat. Thank you

  2. Looking forward to reading this Michelle. I try to adhere to an 80/20 plan, sort of a combination zone/Mediterranean type diet. I’m always looking for new recipes and information!! Now can we please come up with some paleo ice cream that tastes just like Ben & Jerry’s?! 🙂

  3. Ah! This was so heartwarming and uplifting to read!! 🙂 Perfect little boost from my awesome beloved Sis! So glad you are writing this! As luck would have it, I’m in need of a diet tweak…. advised to avoid sugar, booze and gluten for a bit. What a perfect coincidence. Love hearing your voice!

  4. I’m hoping you can inspire me on the road to recovery!
    I have a similar issue with perfection (as you we’ll know) I’ve just not found it easy to find a balance! Oh to have my lovely sister here to help me! But short of that your blog will help!
    Love to cousin 1 as always!! Xxx

  5. I am loving your blog already! The whole concept of being perfectly imperfect, of course, resonates with me. Plus,
    I’m looking forward to as many vegetarian and vegan, high protein recipes as you can muster. It’ll be a challenge, I know. I’m sure I’ll love the veggie side dishes, too! Love ya, lil’ sis. This is going to be a really fun journey to follow along.

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