Whole30 – 2016TD16

Whole30 2014For the next 30+ days, I will be eating meat, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits and nuts. I will not be eating processed food, sugar, dairy, grains or legumes, and I won’t be consuming any alcohol.

I’ve done a few Whole30 challenges before, but this time I’m looking for something a little different. I lost touch with my Paleo choices last year and I would like to reconnect with what it means to feel healthy, vibrant, and in tune with my whole self.

If you’re doing a Whole30 or other challenge, if you are living/exploring the Paleo lifestyle, or if you are simply looking for some tasty recipes to add to your repertoire, be sure to leave a comment to let me know you’re out there! I am so glad you stopped by!


Day 16 is done!

Quote of the Day: Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.

It’s a little hard to believe that my Whole30 is over half way finished. It continues to be a bit of a mystery to me that the simple act of placing some rules around my eating can change my choices so drastically. Or is it because it is January? It seems really silly, and I’m a little embarrassed actually, that last month I was having an evening cocktail quite regularly and eating with little to no regard for how it was affecting my body, whereas because I took on this challenge, it now seems easy to choose health. If it’s this easy, why do I ever stop?

I’m pretty sure that’s going to remain a mystery to me for a while still. I know people who find it strange to imagine me eating any other way than how I eat when I blog about it. Some of these people are pretty balanced in how they eat and they aren’t bothered by cravings or disequilibrium. They just eat and then moderate what they eat as they need to. I still hope that one day I will do that too. For now, it’s effort. Even when it’s not, really.

Eating Paleo certainly makes it easier because I don’t feel deprived. I love what I eat. I love it because it’s delicious and varied and satisfying. That definitely helps me feel great, and not like I’m missing out on something. But no matter what, I’m choosing not to have things that are readily available and sometimes that irritates me. It’s not that I want them really, I know that they either aren’t healthy or that they don’t help me feel my best, but the idea that I am choosing not to have them still has the power to make me mad.

I’m working on the answer to that dilemma for myself. One day I hope to find it.

Day 16 – The Details

6:00am – Black coffee

7:15am – 1 c. turnip soup

10:30am – (post-workout) 4 oz. slow cooker pork with slaw, 1/4 avocado, 2 tsp. mayo, green bell pepper, 2 clementines

1:30pm – 1 c. turnip soup, 2 Asian chicken salad handrolls

4:30pm – A bunch of carrots and a few cherry tomatoes.

6:00pm – 2 baked chicken thighs, roasted Brussels sprouts, tomato/avocado salad

Food: Food went great today. I probably didn’t eat enough to compensate for the workout this morning, so I might be a little hungrier tomorrow, but I feel like I ate right for me today.

Mood: I love a crazy workout with like-minded people. It’s so much fun! And getting outside with my dog was something I’ve been neglecting. I regularly need to spend time in the fresh air so I’m glad that, even though my legs felt heavy, I got out there. It is always the right thing for me to do. Throughout the day, I feel like I was able to stay calmer and more patient when my son was pushing back. Which happened a lot today. Ugh.

Sleep: 8 hours! Plus lots of rest yesterday. I really needed that. Can’t remember any dreams, just total sleep.

Activity: (2) 45 minute boot camp classes back to back. I don’t think working out that intensely for that long is really the best thing for my body, but every once in a while, it’s too much fun to pass up. Walked the dog today too!

Focus – Meditate Daily: Just finished and now I’m headed to bed.


4 thoughts on “Whole30 – 2016TD16

  1. I think we all deal with the issue of wanting something we can’t have. I know for me just thought of saying I can’t have something makes me unhappy. Whether I really want it or not. I always fail on any kind of diet due to this. So therfore I have to do moderation. I find myself binge eating when it’s something I “can’t” have. I also feel guilty rating it which stirs up a ton more emotions. My moderation may not always be moderate, but it tends to work for me 😉

    • I love that you can do moderation and I’m hoping that is in my future! I think I am considerably more moderate than I have been in the past and I believe some of that has to do with awareness and acceptance.

  2. Thank you for your authenticity! My husband and I have truly been inspired by your daily posts!
    I am a runner and have always eaten relatively healthy but have always loved having my wine at night. I have embraced the whole 30 boundaries and am also trying to figure out how to keep a balanced diet (while including occasional cocktails) after the completion and can relate to your recent post.
    My husband is still not snoring and I am sleeping better…except I get up multiple times each night to use the bathroom…more than usual. Not sure why that is. We are also wondering if you have any idea why his snoring has stopped??
    Have a great day and thanks again for helping us along during our first whole 30!

    • Thank you for sharing a little about you, Sue! And I really appreciate knowing that you are out there. Congratulations on how far you both have come so far!
      I’m not a doctor, nor have I been around you two, but I wonder if your husband’s overall congestion has decreased or perhaps it is as a result of decreased inflammation overall. If he was sensitive to dairy or gluten, for example, and didn’t know it, it could have been leading to his congestion and snoring.
      You will probably want to carefully reintroduce foods in the several days following to see if the snoring reoccurs. What a great testimony that will be!

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