Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

Dairy-free Paleo Crock Pot Beef StroganoffWhen I look at the history of my blog posts, I realize there are a lot of veggie recipes. You might start to think that I’m not a very good example of Paleo – where is all the meat? I honestly eat meat all the time, but for some reason, when I’m cooking and serving it, it just sort of gets eaten and the pictures don’t get taken and the recipe might not get fully developed. Most of the time, I’ll flavor something up quickly and simply and then use whatever cooking method I’m in the mood for and it’s done. Veggies and sides and salads, however, are where I tend to have more fun and play with flavors and textures a little differently. I’ll try harder to get some protein posts out there, but I actually still have a few zucchini ones waiting in the weeds…

Even though we are nearing the end of summer, it’s probably still a little early for a stew recipe. But in a previous post, I shared a recipe for Paleo Beef Stroganoff and it is consistently the top viewed and loved recipe on my site. It’s a pressure cooked meal, which makes it easy to get on the table during the week, and it’s ridiculously delicious. One lovely blog reader shared how much her family liked the recipe and asked about a slow cooker version. Then a dear friend of mine asked for one the other day too so I’ve decided to oblige, regardless of the fact that it’s supposed to be in the 90s. While I prefer other cooking methods for dishes that need to keep their distinct flavors and brightness, I’m a big fan of the slow cooker for cozy dishes like Stroganoff. You can always add some brightness with parsley, lemon zest, or zoodles as your base. I don’t like to dirty up a bunch of pots or use a lot of time browning meats ahead of time either, so as I’ve said before on this blog, if I’m using my slow cooker, I prefer to challenge myself to get the whole thing cooking in the time it takes me to scramble my eggs in the morning.

When you use your slow cooker, you don’t need to add a lot of moisture because the food you put in there will give off plenty. My slow cooker also runs fairly hot so I mention cooking it on high without the lid for the last hour. If you want this to have a thicker consistency and your slow cooker will do that, great! Otherwise, you might want to opt for the pressure cooker version where you can boil it down at the end. You can also just leave it a little soupy and serve it on top of a baked sweet potato or straight from a bowl. In either case, I hope you find the time to throw this together in the morning and love it when you get home.

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

2 lbs. beef stew meat

2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. pepper

1 tsp. garlic powder

2 tsp. paprika

1 tsp. thyme

1 tsp. onion powder

8 oz. sliced mushrooms

1/2 onion, sliced

1/3 c. coconut cream (scooped from the top of a refrigerated can of coconut milk)

2 tsp. red wine vinegar


1) In a small bowl, mix together all of your spices. Place meat in a large bowl and sprinkle with the spices. Mix everything together, using your hands, and coat the meat well with the seasoning.

2) Place the sliced mushrooms and onion in the bowl of the slow cooker. Lay the seasoned beef on top. Put the lid on the slow cooker and cook on low for 4 1/2 hours.

3) When the meat is tender and nearly done, add the coconut cream, vinegar, and any additional salt or pepper. Stir around and cook on high (with the lid ajar, if possible) for about an hour.

3) That’s it! Enjoy!

Serves 4-8


34 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

  1. Another winner, Michelle! I just live how simple yet different your flavors are! I never have to worry if my 4 year old (or anyone!) might like it, and I don’t have to search high and low for ingredients, in fact most of the time I have the ingredients in hand! Thank you thank you!!
    I served this atop baked white sweet potatoes. Delish!!

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      • Thanks. Ive never cooked with canned coconut milk and didnt find any cream on top of the can I bought. But then I noticed the label said ‘light’, so that may have been the problem, lol! Regardless, my family ate it up despite the 3 tbsp of cream being just milk instead.

  3. I just made this for supper and it was absolutely delicious – my husband and I all but licked the plates! The only change I made was to use shiitake mushrooms, and as with your other Stroganoff recipe I served it on top of zucchini ribbons.

  4. very excited, I just got all the ingredients into the crockpot! Me and my boyfriend are actually primal, but there are so many crossovers between paleo and primal 🙂 Can’t wait to eat this for dinner!

    • I hope you have a wonderful dinner! Please let me know!

      Primal is great! As my journey has continued, I’ve found that adding kefir and grass-fed heavy cream on occasion are a good fit for me. I love that there is room for experimentation and learning as we discover what works for our bodies. Enjoy!

  5. Question: could I throw it all in the crockpot to cook 8 hrs on low? Would make this while at work..any suggestions?

    • I think that you could as long as you allow a few minutes at the end to boil off any excess liquid. Leave the coconut cream and the vinegar until you get home. Add those and reduce the sauce for about 10 minutes and you should be good!

    • No need to add any liquid at all, Jo. The beef releases a lot in the cooking process. And my experience with stroganoff is that it doesn’t have a tomato base, but it might be a delicious twist!

  6. Just wonderint if this would freeze well (with the coconut cream in it)?
    I cooked this last week and loved it so wanting to make a bulk lot. Thank you

  7. hi ,where do you get the meat from? what exactly do you mean by “stew meat” .and can i just add coconut milk instead of the cream? or substitute with sour cream or kefir or greek yogurt? would any or all of those work instead of the 1/3 c cream? thanks

    • Stew meat is lean beef cut into approximately 1″ cubes and is perfect for slow cooking. Any of those options will generally work, but only the coconut milk is considered Paleo, since dairy is typically avoided. You can use coconut milk instead of the cream, but it will add some additional water. It should still be tasty though!

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  15. I just put everything in the Crock Pot ( except the coconut cream and red wine vinegar of course) – It smelled great while adding the ingredients in the pot, can’t wait to try!

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